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Affiliate Program

On-Line Referral Form

How To Refer A Prospective Client

It's easy. Just enter your reseller's code in the form below and click submit. Reseller's Code is the unique code sent to you by Tri-Isys when you applied for the Affiliate Program. If you're new to this program, you may want to join and be a reseller click here.

After submitting your code you will be asked to fill-up the Platinum Subscription Form for your prospect. Please take note that when referring a client via On-Line Referral Form be sure that the information you are entering is true and correct and with your prospect's knowledge. It is advised that you fill-up the Platinum Subscription Form together with your prospect or let your prospect do it.

After submitting the form leave the rest to us.

 enter reseller's code
Reseller's Code :

IMPORTANT:  If your Reseller's Code is AGT#1234, just enter 1234. No need to enter "AGT#". Please enter your reseller's code correctly. Otherwise, your referral will not be credited to your account.


Terms and Conditions

  • A reseller should inform his/her prospective client all the necessary information about the Platinum Starter Plan.
  • A reseller should always send us all the necessary information regarding a client.
  • A reseller is not required to refer a particular number of clients.
  • The reseller is entitled for the Php300 commission for every successful transaction with a client.
  • A reseller cannot refer the following:
    • himself / herself / other names in which the resellers' information is given e.g. Caller Line Identification, existing and previous.
    • previous subscribers of Tri-Isys who may want to renew their subscription
    • existing Tri-Isys subscribers
    • clients who were already referred by other resellers
  • A reseller should refer possible clients who are residing within Metro Manila area only.
  • When giving out brochures, a reseller should always include his reseller's code on the brochure. Otherwise, the account will not be credited to him/her.
  • If a reseller failed to give us the necessary information on time, we are not responsible for the delay of the activation of the client's account.
  • Online subscription of clients must bear the reseller's code for the subscription to be credited to the reseller (first come, first serve).
  • Tri-Isys Internet is responsible for the fast activation of a client's account.
  • Processing of commission is 30-45 days from the date of verification and approval of the client's subscription.
  • A reseller is NOT AUTHORIZED to receive payments, in any form, from the client. Payments should be made directly to Tri-Isys Internet Business Center located at 10th Floor AIC Center, 204 Escolta St., Binondo, Manila or through Metrobank branches and Circuit City outlets only
  • The reseller can claim his/her commission from Monday through Saturday between 1pm to 6pm at our Tri-Isys Business Center located at 10th Floor AIC Center, 204 Escolta St., Binondo, Manila and kindly look for the person in charge on Tri-Isys Internet Reseller's Program. To inquire about your commission call us at 230-8777, 480-0777.
  • Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason conceived by Tri-Isys Internet without prior notice.

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